ALIF ALIF Buttress Plate Lumbar VAIL


ALIF Buttress Plate System

The Vail ALIF Buttress Plate System is offered in various device configurations based on surgical approach and patient anatomy, and will consist of a Vail buttress plate and screws that are inserted into the anterior surface of adjacent lumbar

The Vail ALIF Buttress Plate System in conjunction with traditional rigid fixation is intended for use in spinal fusion procedures of the thoracolumbar to S1 spinal region as a means to maintain the relative position of weak bony tissue such as allografts or autografts.


VAIL’s smooth Low Profile Design is offered in three lengths (22mm, 24mm, 26mm) (20º and 30º Angulation) ,  to accommodate patient anatomy.


Features added to maximize efficiency and ease of use.

  • Self tapping screws 
  • One step locking mechanism 
  • One step to seat implant and create starter hole for screw insertion

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