The E3D-ATM Interbody System provides interbody fusion devices designed to provide structural stability during spinal fusion. The E3D-A Interbody system consists of interbodies offered in various sizes to accommodate surgical needs and anatomic requirements. The interbodies were designed to be placed via an anterior approach. The System offers both Integrated and Static Interbodies.

E3D-A’s fully interconnected architecture creates a highly hydrophilic implant.   The design of the system’s surface technology focuses on tailoring roughness, pore-size, and porosity to optimize for angiogenesis (vascular growth) and osteogenesis (bone growth).

Double lattice architecture
designed to encourage bone growth on and through the cage.

Major Lattice allows for the distribution of loads and bone packing.

Minor Lattice ~500-800 μm pores reduces the overall stiffness. Provides open space and structure for vascular and bone ingrowth.

Roughened surface for initial bone ongrowth and gives the implant the initial bite into the endplate.

Bulleted Posterior Nose designed to be smooth and solid. Exterior annulus for structural support.

• Trocar and Blunt Tip Screws
• Ø5.5 and Ø6.0 mm
• 20-40 mm in 5mm increments.

Interbody Details:

• 32x24mm (Small)

• 36x26mm (Medium)

• 38x28mm (Medium-Large)

• 40x28mm (Large)

• Integrated heights range from 11-21mm.

• Static heights range from 9-21mm.

• Lordotic angles range from 8°-30°

• Screw C/C Angle is 40°

• Screw M/L Angle 10°

• 10° Screw Variability

Integrated One-step locking mechanism

Optional Coverplate is available.

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